Saturday, November 7, 2015

Some Kids are Assholes

Okay, the subject itself is risqué. I understand that. But it's so so true. I don't think I would be able to write this without having the specific experiences I have in a general atmosphere around 'kids'. I never really believed in the phrase "all kids are beautiful", or "all babies are cute". I mean, come on, we all know that isn't true.

But this isn't about looks or cuteness - this is about integrity and character. Unfortunately, some of us are just bad fruit. We don't have the character or 'goodness' in us to call us 'innocent as a kid' even if that's what we are - a kid.

Some kids are bossy, mean, and self righteous. They stomp on others. They are mean to their comrades. They take advantage of people who are nice and walk all over them.

I think as parents, part of our responsibility is to realize that you have such a character in your house. You know who you are. You know that your kid is mean, or that at least, he has a mean streak. That he would willingly hurt other kids when no one is watching, or that he would do anything to get his way. There is no way you can say "I didn't see it coming".  It's time as parents to accept that we are raising douche bags if we don't try to change their character. We need to put in that extra effort to make sure that we aren't promoting self-absorbed narcissists (I think that's the definition of a narcissist). That extra 'effort' means making them realize how much more important it is to be kind than right. How much more it means to share than to keep everything for themselves. How important it is to stand up for that one kid who is too nice, too giving or too forgiving. Even if you don't stand up for them, at least not stand ON them.

We hold every other major corporation, person, company accountable for the product they make, so I think we ought to hold parents to the same standards. I don't want to teach to my kid to be mean and angry, so please instead ask your kid to be thoughtful and nice, because otherwise, we will all just be raising our kids to be plain old assholes.