Sunday, January 24, 2010

Home is where the Heart is...

It's been over six weeks back in the motherland now. After much "soul" searching and passion hunting, I think I have figured out that this is where I want to be.

Looking around and being here is nostalgic. I can reminisce about my childhood memories, my first bike ride, my first best friends, my first crush, it could go on. As I've grown, though, coming back here is also eye opening. It's heart breaking to see so many people in poverty, so many children who may never go to school and receive the gift of education and knowledge, of women who have and will probably remain helpless for the rest of their lives.

But being in such a place and witnessing such times also provides the opportunity to make a difference. To leave a mark somewhere in someone's (or multiple people's, hopefully)life while I can quench my thirst for sharing, writing, contributing to the greater good of society would be incredibly satisfying. I'm not sure how, I just know that this is where I can do the most good with however little I have or want to give. Besides, how can I not sieze an opportunity to be a part of this dynamic craziness. The colorful people from several religions speaking multiple languages yet witnessing the same thing is beautiful. I feel like a part of something so much bigger than myself, yet so integral at the same time.

The route to my ultimate destination will be a scenic one, no doubt. My life back in the States and my new beginning here in India, when juxtaposed, might seem obscenely different, but really are quiet tightly knit with a common factor - my need and want to pursue my true passion and find my ultimate purpose.

Thank you for the warm welcome, New Delhi. Instead of just metaphorically though, I think it would be nice for a little bit warmer weather as well. These new few weeks until my return will be setting the mood for my future plans. Tasting this new yet familiar place is now officially in session and I shall record my progress here. Cheers!