Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Logical Protest, Radical Means!

There is so much happening in the world right now. Liberation marches to wars to financial gridlock to Apple iPhone5 release! The march by Wall Street protesters for the past week has been a pretty interesting one to watch. The cause is simple and resonating. Elimination of corporate influence from politics. Good idea, nearly impossible to accomplish. But unless average citizens voice their opinions, there will be no attention directed that way actively anyway.
I was on board with the whole Wall Street protesting agenda until I read the latest on this story. Protesters are dressing up as zombies and eating monopoly money to create a 'metaphorical impact'. Creative, but not effective.
When trying to make a point in the mass public, extreme gestures of anguish such as this can be perceived as ridiculous and lacking judgement. I am on board with the humorous-literal-ironic symbolism in this case, but most people won't be. Especially people who are trying to discredit this protest. They will use this gesture to their advantage as a sign of lacking proper agenda and common sense.
I hope the protesters regroup and rethink their strategy. Persistence is a great thing in this instance, but radical behavior might not have the desired consequences..