Friday, January 18, 2013

So Much to Lose..

When stupidity is louder than common sense
When instead of sleeping safe, we prefer awakening tense
When we disagree not to defend principles but to bring people down
When compromising is viewed as a weakness and its powerful that frown

New lows threatening genuine goodness linger
Yes, it's easier to have discussions now, just point that finger
What doesn't change is the need for progress
The need to stop and listen before that angry egress

This country where we celebrate opportunistic freedom
Is blurred in political lines instead of working in tandem
Purpose, intention, empathy
Leap over, it's all in jeopardy...

What am I to tell my son of the world he lives in?
Is it better to wobble with guns than muscle with emotional strength?
Will being armed make him more of a man?
So he can rise up violently to a grand occasion of another's hostile plan?

I can't let him forget that kindness is louder than bullets
I can't let him believe that his conscience is a puppet
If he can stand up against the odds
When it is easier to buckle up and nod
He will reach his utmost potential
Regardless of policy, power and rendition