Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shamefully Shirking Santorum...

All this talk about American values and dreams in the GOP race is very resonating. Almost every candidate works out his vocal cords every speech, or town hall meeting on the importance of restoring or believing in America or fighting for America.

But yet, what is America?

Isn't it the land of the free where liberty takes precedence over race or religion. Shouldn't this country stand for diversity, equality and honesty? Of course. That will be the politically correct answer. Sadly, it is not the honest answer.

An old misinformed woman in a Florida town hall said this about not referring President Obama as the President:

“I don't refer President Obama as president because, legally, he is not.He is an avowed Muslim. And my question is: why isn’t something being done to get him out of our government? He has no legal right to be calling himself President."

Of course, there was ignorant applauding in the crowd. But there was a smirk of agreement from Mr. Santorum. Knowing fully well that the President is not an 'avowed' Muslim, or that he did actually win the election which would 'legally' make him the President, and that even if he was a Muslim, 'avowed' I might add, does not deem him ineligible to be President!

Yet, Mr. Santorum chose to cowardly oblige this ignorant remark. Representing American values and the idea of 'justice for all', he responded to his indifference in this incident as not feeling the need to correct an old angry woman. He considered it not his responsibility. What a cheap shot.

Why do people allow others to breed and promote ignorance? Shame on you Santorum, for that un-American indifference and shirk of responsibility.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Motto: Is it A Truthful America, Are You??

It's been a quiet few months..due to personal changes..

It doesn't change the fact that I am too embarrassed to speak on behalf of the American people. I am embarrassed that the President of this country is an honest man yet happens to be Black and does not get credited for the perfect leader that he is. I am embarrassed that he is a nontraditional man that is not successful in breaking the traditional stereotype and being the perfect leader. I am embarrassed that our country expects the first non-white yet only 40 year old experienced and expected leader to perfect leadership qualities. Are the American people so stupid that they can't speak on behalf of intelligence? We fall prey to manipulative media and faltered facts...We fall prey to mainstream acceptability of manipulated facts...We are slaves to what is told is real, unrealistic of truthful dogma. We are falling for the Gingrich's for the nation and the Romney's of financial realities. Let's get real.

Gingrich paid 1 million DOLLARS in taxes last year.
Romney paid only 15% of taxes on his 8 million dollar income last year. Yet, they scream about equality of success. Is success every equal? Are we ever asked how successful we are based on our income? We pay taxes on what we earn, not on what we make or how we earn it.

These are the people that almost 50% of America trust as Republican leaders. There is a serious disconnect in our idea of a leader and someone who can relate to US. There is no US when it comes to leadership in America. Leadership means DOLLARS, that is what pays these people to SERVE us.

Once again, we have the opportunity to make a change.. A change between pathetic and being most pathetic is a difficult yet easy choice.. I would rather pick someone who is honest with modest beginnings than someone who is shady and hard to track. I hope the best man wins. In this case, it will be months of tracking and investigating. I am willing to serve my time.
Are you??